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you are my angel, come from above to bring me love.

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"what's a model mission?"
- Anonymous

Well there are people in Korea, not agencys nessecceraly, that look for models just for one mission like.. a commercial or things like that. So I really wanted to try that to get some experience.

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Guuuuess who’s going back to Seoul this winterrrr! memememememememe


“annyeong”, says the doggy in the pink overall.

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only my opinion: but I was expecting something toootally different from a four-membered group from S.M. I mean.. You’ve got sibling groups all the way so I was kinda expecting a more mysterious girl group on about 10 members or something. I just had imagined that and now.. Red velvet is having a totally different style and I just..sorry..but what the heck S.M. These girls are probably very great talents but I believe you’re representing your new artists wrong. I’m sure they could do better and the timing was also bad so if they would just spend more time working on the new girl group there could be more trainees making it and it could be more members and .. yeah. I’m not saying all groups with more members are better - not at all! But >I< believe S.M would have earned more fans and attention if they did so. Also the theme and image is not uniqe at all. This is typical young korean girls playing on aegyo style and who isnt tired of that. I mean, if you wanna go for that style sometime thats cool but you at least shouldnt use it as a debut. Sorry its just my opinion and its only a very short teaser so far but I gotta say I’m disappointed…

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please don’t (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

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46/ Yixing gifs

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